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Nordic Game Conference 2017

Where we tick another game conference off the list and learn a little bit about efficient international travel.

We've just got back from Malmö. Lovely, sunny* Malmö where we were attending the Nordic Game Conference. Why were we attending said conference? Well, you'll have to cast your mind back to Konsoll and... hey, it turns out I didn't write about the last Konsoll.

So, to bring you up to speed - we went to Konsoll last year. Well, we kinda didn't - we weren't invited in any official capacity but the lovely Yngvill brought us over to consult on their latest game, Pode. (TLDR: it's lovely)

Now a staple of Konsoll was always the Dragon's Den panel. It was great fun even if the quality of the pitches or the format got a bit dodgy at times. Last year's was no exception - it was, in all fairness, a bit of a car crash. The pitches were either terribly executed or they were for a game that was utter dross. Picking a winner was like trying to work out whethe…

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